This year has been tough for many of us, which is why we all deserved to treat ourselves over the festive season.

But if you’re seeing some unsightly effects on your skin because of it, why not turn to a sheet mask to fix some of the visible signs of over-indulgence?

Whether alcohol has caused your skin to become dry and inflamed or a sugary diet has led to breakouts, these five face masks promise to help restore some skin normality in no time...

Best for: fixing alcohol-induced skin dehydration

Try: Simple Rich Moisture Sheet Mask, £2.99

Our top mask pick for solving dryness and dehydration is this celebrity-approved mask from Simple – which you can find in this month’s OK! Beauty Edit box, in collaboration with former TOWIE and The Mummy Diaries star Billie Shepherd.

“One of my favourite things to do at home is to use a face mask. This one is so nice, it’s really moisturising but also gentle on your skin,” says Billie, who shared some skincare secrets with us on an exclusive OK! Facebook Live chat.

Simple mask is good for dehydration
Simple mask is good for dehydration

If you fancy getting your hands on the Simple mask in the signed and limited-edition box, you’ll also get luxury travel size treats from Harley Street Skin Care and Color Wow, plus full-size products from Eyeko and INC.redible Cosmetics – all from just £13.

You’ll also receive a free special edition glossy OK! beauty and fashion magazine, which features an exclusive interview with the star.

Best for: banishing breakouts after sugary treats

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Try: Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Pore-Refining Sheet Mask, £4

Wondering how sugar can impact your skin? When your blood sugar rises quickly, your body releases insulin. Having excess insulin in your blood can cause oil glands to become overactive, which then can result in breakouts and blemishes.

To tackle spots, try this mask. Packed with lavender, mint, chamomile and tea tree extracts to soothe redness and reduce inflammation, it delivers a speedy deep cleanse and targets blocked pores.

Good for banishing breakouts
Good for banishing breakouts

Best for: tackling “wine face” flare-ups

Try: The Body Shop Aloe Calm Hydration Sheet Mask, £4

You may have heard of “wine face” before, and this common issue essentially results in blotchy red cheeks and a puffy face after one too many glasses of wine.

Some people also have reactions to certain types of alcohol, commonly red, which can bring on these effects after a few sips.

Help counteract some of that puffiness with an aloe vera-based mask like this one. The aloe and cucumber formula soothes, cools and works to reduce redness in just 15 minutes.

Good for tackling 'wine face'
Good for tackling 'wine face'

Best for: cleansing blocked pores of make-up build-up

Try: Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Mask, £7

If you’ve had a few late nights where you’ve been too tired to properly take off your make-up then you might find that oils, grime and residue have caused some noticeable blocked pores.

Thankfully a glycolic treatment should fix the problem easily, and this mask is rated highly by users. “My skin was cleaned, refreshed and smoothed,” said one happy customer on Feelunique.

Good for blocked pores
Good for blocked pores

Best for: reducing signs of irritation from central heating

Try: COSRX Pure Fit Cica Calming True Sheet Mask, £7

Days spent in heavily heated rooms can cause skin to become lacklustre and prone to irritation.

This mask mixes together cica extract – which is a leafy herb loaded with amino acids and vitamins C, A and B – and camomile. All the ingredients are perfect for calming and soothing sore skin.

Good for reducing signs of irritation

Face mask FAQ

How often should I use one?

A one-off use of a mask can make your skin look and feel softer and brighter, but regular use will give best results, says Dr Shotter.

Always read the instructions - some masks are great for daily use, while others should just be a weekly boost.

“Be cautious with masks containing AHA and BHA acids like glycolic and salicylic - overdoing these leads to irritation,” she says.

What’s the difference between sheet masks and tube masks?

Serum-soaked sheet masks aren’t like normal masks, says Dr Shotter.

“View them as a way of delivering higher concentrations of active ingredients than a normal topical product. The sheet stops the serum evaporating, so the major benefit you get is super-charged hydration.”

However if you want a mask for deep cleansing or exfoliating, reach for a jar or tube: ‘For instance, charcoal or clay masks are great for oily skin with open pores.’

Prefer hydration in a traditional jar form? “Go for overnight ‘sleeping’ masks which lock more moisture into the skin and expose it to the actives for longer,” she advises.

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To get hold of Billie Shepherd's beauty box, click the link hereand follow the instructions.